Annual general meeting 2023

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Tuesday 16 May Enercoops Uelzechtdall held its third AGM. This time it was in the “Kultursaal” in Steinsel, which the commune had given us access to. The production from the two completed projects in Lintgen and Walferdange was accounted and two new projects in the school buildings in Steinsel and Heisdorf were presented. For these projects there will be an extra information evening on 6 June, again in Kultursaal Steinsel.

Moreover, the finances for 2022 were presented, detailed information about these are available in the meeting minutes. A positive point to note is that during the first complete business year of each of the sites in Lintgen and Helmsange, both made a profit, which will be used to build up reserves.

After three successful years the mandate of the board expired, and it was time to select a new board. Delphine Dethier, Luc Zwank, John Schammel and Philippe Schmit had decided not to stand for re-election, and we thank them for their work on the board. Charles Metz, Claude Nilles, Emmanuell Pfeiffenschneider and Luc Jacobs were selected as new board members, and will together with the re-elected Sebastian Dietz, Charles Margue, Sandra Hoffmann, Sergy Remy, Paul Schergen and Carole Ney make up the new board.


Slides of the presentation:

Report of the general meeting (German):