EnerCoop Uelzechtdall

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EnerCoop Uelzechtdall is an energy cooperative founded by citizens with the aim of supporting the energy transition.


EnerCoop Uelzechtdall wants to actively promote the exit from the use of nuclear and fossil energy sources and thus support the energy transition. The cooperative is part of Transitioun Uelzechtdall and has the following aims:

  • to implement and develop projects for the generation, storage, purchase and sale of renewable energy and to deliver the generated energy preferably to the members – if technically, legally and economically possible.
  • to promote rational and responsible energy use among its cooperating members and the general public
  • the promotion, advice, support and information to its members and third parties on all issues related to the field of renewable energies
  • the cooperative seeks rather to promote citizen participation in local, democratic and educational projects and is not primarily dedicated to enriching its members, who receive only a limited patrimonial benefit.

EnerCoop Uelzechtdall offers a socially and ecologically responsible alternative to contemporary energy consumption and production practices. Currently most of the energy consumed in Luxembourg is imported, and only a tiny part of the energy produced in Luxembourg comes from renewable sources.

About us

We – EnerCoop Uelzechtdall – are a cooperative association of citizens who want to support the energy transition at local level. The idea of founding an energy cooperative was born at the very first meeting of the Transitioun Uelzechtdall, and as a result the first EnerCoop meetings took place in autumn 2018, when the goals as well as the organisational structure of the cooperative were established and recorded in the statutes in a democratic process. With the start of our first project – the construction of a photovoltaic plant in Lintgen – we founded the cooperative on 08 January 2020.

Currently, the EnerCoop Uelzechtdall boasts more than 120 members, mainly from the communes of Walfer, Steinsel, Lorentzweiler, Lintgen and Mersch, but also from other regions of Luxembourg and abroad. We are an open community and welcome everyone who is interested in matters related to energy transition or who wants to support our initiatives.

The cooperative is managed according to democratic principles. Each member has one vote at the annual general assembly, regardless of the number of shares held in the cooperative. The administrative committee manages the operational business of the company and is elected for 3 years.

The administrative committee currently consists of the following members:

Sebastian Dietz

Paul Schergen

Sandra Hoffmann

Serge Remy

Charles Margue

Charel Metz

Claude Nilles

Luc Jacobs

Carole Ney

Manou Pfeiffenschneider

© Many thanks to Almyra Persson for the portraits.


At the extraordinary founding meeting on 8 January 2020, the statutes were signed by the founding members and thus establishing the EnerCoop cooperative. They define the objectives, the structure and the rules according to which the cooperative is managed.

We have written the statutes in French and in German, but please note that the French version is legally binding.

You can download both versions here:

The Energy Transition

Energy is an essential component of our daily lives. By creating this energy cooperative, the cooperators take over the partial production of the energy they consume and detach themselves from part of the foreign non-renewable energy dependence. Thus, EnerCoop Uelzechtdall offers a socially and ecologically responsible alternative to energy production. EnerCoop Uelzechtdall promotes an energy transition based on the involvement of every citizen.