Transition Days – Conference négaWatt

Scheduled EnerCoop


EnerCoop Uelzechtdall is happy to be partner of the conference “négaWatt: Energy sobriety, a pillar of the energy transition?” within the transition days. The conference will take place online on 12.11. 19:30 and you can register at the Transition Days website.

Based on the principle that the least polluting energy is the energy that we do not consume/produce, the French association negaWatt proposes to rethink our vision of energy based on a three-step approach: sobriety, efficiency and renewables. “Producing negaWatts” means breaking with our (bad) habits by preferring energy sobriety to waste. It means seeking the best possible use of energy, rather than continuing to consume more and more. Energy sobriety is not a step backwards, it is simply a smarter use of energy. The negaWatt scenario maps out a desirable and sustainable energy future and describes solutions for achieving it, thus charting a trajectory for running the French economy by 2050 solely on a 100% renewable energy mix and allowing for carbon neutrality (source: Tansition Days website).